GamingonPhone Conference (GPC)

A Leading Video Game Industry Conference Series

Join us for GPC Online on September 18th and 19th, 2024

GPC Online
A Leading Video Game Industry Conference Series
GPC Online
GPC Online
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Join us for 2 days of exploration, connection, and inspiration
Join us for 2 days of exploration, connection, and inspiration
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Join us for 2 days of exploration, connection, and inspiration

The GamingonPhone Conference Online offers a unique platform for industry professionals to connect, discuss innovations, and forge collaborations that will sculpt the future of gaming.




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Why Attend GPC 2024?


Dynamic platform to forge valuable professional relationships

Actionable Insights

Practical and implementable strategies that drive tangible results

Potential Collaborations

Unbeatable strategic partnerships to amplify collective success

Business Growth

Keys to sustainable business growth through strategic discussions

International exposure

Global perspectives to broaden professional horizons

Boundless Opportunities

Doors to diverse opportunities in a borderless business landscape


  • State of Gaming 
  • Multi-Platform Mastery
  • Capital Quest
  • Revenue Rockets
  • Women in Games
  • Indian Gaming Landscape
  • Marketing Masterminds
  • Crossover Chronicles
  • UGC Unleashed
  • Esports Experts

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GamingonPhone Conference, in short known as GPC, is brought to you by the makers of GamingonPhone, a leading global mobile games media.

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The GamingonPhone Conference is designed for a diverse audience within the video game industry, including:

1. Game developers
2. Publishers
3. Investors
4. Service providers
5. Media covering the business side of video games
6. Industry professionals
7. Government agencies
8. Influencers
9. Gaming enthusiasts

The GamingonPhone Conference (GPC) stands out from other gaming conferences as it focuses on delivering unparalleled intelligence and insights into the Asian video games and esports market. While other conferences may cover a broader range of topics or regions, GPC prioritizes in-depth analysis, trends, and strategies specific to the Indian and asian video games and esports industry.

You can contact us at [email protected]